Wealth Management

Financial Advisor Training Program

If you’re passionate about helping people and have some personal investing history, sales experience and three to five years in a relevant profession, you could be eligible to get on the fast track to becoming a Baird Financial Advisor.

Our eight-month Financial Advisor Training Program provides intensive, customized and comprehensive training on the day-to-day business of wealth management to Financial Advisor trainees across the nation.

During this immersive process, you will gather the knowledge you need to effectively conduct and develop your business with Baird as you earn your financial licenses, get familiar with financial planning products and services, hone your client service and sales skills, participate in panel discussions, and culminate the experience by presenting your case study capstone project at Baird’s headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Those who graduate from this rigorous program will become Baird Financial Advisors.

Are you ready?


    • Self-motivated and hardworking
    • Have a way with people and enjoy building relationships
    • Entrepreneurial
    • Driven to help others achieve their personal goals
    • Superior organizational skills with the ability to prioritize, monitor and complete multiple tasks or projects either independently or with a team
    • Bachelor’s degree
    • Have a demonstrated aptitude for sales

Interviewing with Baird

Interviewing for the Financial Advisor Training Program involves several steps. Please be prepared for the following:

    • Resume review and phone screen
    • Phone and in-person interview with local Branch Manager
    • Personality assessment, background check and preliminary business plan
    • Video or in-person interviews with several directors at the home office


In an effort to see our new FATP associates succeed in their early careers, we have created a very competitive salary structure as our new associates begin the process of building their businesses. We offer 100% of the initial base salary for the first 12 months following the completion of instructor-led training. In months 13 through 18, and then again in months 19 through 24, a sliding scale – determined by hitting previously set goals – is applied to your base salary. Once you are licensed, earned commissions are also a component of your monthly compensation.